Cues for Sallie’s birthday/housewarming party. Useful as an example of how an actual small show was put together early in Afterglow’s development, and also as a source of effects that may want to make their way into a more central place.


(global-color-cue color x y & {:keys [include-color-wheels? held]})

Create a cue-grid entry which establishes a global color effect.


(global-color-effect color & {:keys [include-color-wheels? lights], :or {lights (show/all-fixtures)}})

Make a color effect which affects all lights in the Sallie show. If the show variable :also-color-laser has a value other than 0, the color will be sent to Beyond to affect laser cues as well. Can include only a specific set of lights by passing them with :lights


(global-dimmer-effect level & {:keys [effect-name]})

Return an effect that sets all the dimmers in the sallie rig. Originally this had to be to a static value, but now that dynamic parameters exist, it can vary in response to a MIDI mapped show variable, an oscillator, or the location of the fixture. You can override the default name by passing in a value with :effect-name


Allows commands to be sent to the instance of Pangolin Beyond running alongside this light show, in order to affect laser cues.



Create the cues for the Sallie show.


(make-strobe-cue name fixtures x y)

Create a cue which strobes a set of fixtures as long as the cue pad is held down, letting the operator adjust the lightness of the strobe color by varying the pressure they are applying to the pad on controllers which support pressure sensitivity.


Holds the show if it has been created, so it can be unregistered if it is being re-created.


(try-laser-cues server)

Create some cues that integrate Pangolin Beyond. Assumes sallie show has been created, and takes the beyond server to work with as an argument.


(use-sallie-show & {:keys [universe], :or {universe 1}})

Set up the show for Sallie’s party. By default it will create the show to use universe 1, but if you want to use a different universe (for example, a dummy universe on ID 0, because your DMX interface isn’t handy right now), you can override that by supplying a different ID after :universe.


Allows effects to set variables in the running show.


(x-phase head show)

Return a value that ranges from zero for the leftmost fixture in a show to 1 for the rightmost, for staggering the phase of an oscillator in making a can-can chase.