Establishes a notion of the current show using the dynamic var *show*, to save having to pass it as a parameter to dozens of functions in the Afterglow API. This needs to be bound to a value for many Afterglow functions to work.

The current show can be set locally using with-show, which is what you should do when you have multiple light shows active. However, in the extremely common case of defining and running only a single lighr show, you can also establish a default show, using set-default-show!, and omit even the with-show wrappers.



The light show on which Afterglow functions should operate, defined as a dynamic variable so it does not need to be passed as an argument to dozens of functions. The current show can be established locally using with-show, or, if you are only creating and using a single light show, which is a very common situation, you can globally establish a default value by calling set-default-show!.


(set-default-show! show)

Establish the specified show as the default, so that functions that have not been wrapped inside with-show contexts will act on it. This makes sense when you are only working with one light show and do not want to have to use with-show all the time.



(with-show show & body)

Execute the body in the context of the specified light show, so Afterglow knows what show should be affected by its statements.